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Students and Teachers love the Geography-Site

This site was designed to be free and to be used. Its not one of those sites that shows you a few low grade diagrams and half an essay, then tries to twist a pile of cash out of you on the promise that something better lies inside. Our content has been unlawfully copied many times (one Indian site copied the entire site and pretended it was theirs!) but we lift pages from other sites, or create pages that rely on links to other people's work.

Every page here is ours; researched by us; written by us; almost always illustrated with our own images. We even hand finish the code for the web pages, so we can be sure that the Geography-Site provides what you want.

It must be working because we get loads of positive comments.

Read what some of our recent student visitors (and a couple of teachers too) have said about the site and, if you feel the same way, tell a friend about us, and leave a comment on our interactive visitor map.



This is extremely helpful in my lesson plans for 8th grade Social Studies. TERRIFIC!
This website is great and it is helping me complete my GCSE Geograpny course. I would recommend this to anyone studying Geography at GCSE Level.
Great site really helped me!
I love this site, it has got me straight A's in my preps this term!
this web site has been really helpful especially for coursework
gr8 website helped me loads cheers
Great u helped me with what i thought was a hard subject
Great site helped me loads
This site is wonderful for everyone who wants to know anything/everything about the planet where we live on. Thanks you to all who works for this site to bring her alive.
Hi! This site is great for GCSE Geography!
Very useful site for my 7th grade geography special ed students
You site is wonderful. I will show it to my students.
I'm a newly qualified geography teacher - this site has been just what I needed. Thanks!

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