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Map and Chart Collections

These links have been carefully selected and were considered relevant and suitable for school use at the time of checking. Clicking on them will take you to other websites over which we have no control. If you have any doubts or concerns please check what is at the other end before using them in lessons. If you find any broken, re-directed or dead links please let us know.

* 3D Atlas On-Line
Numerous links to countries, recent news articles, and other useful information such as maps, up to date world news, the coolest free downloads, and their own Geographic Glossary.

* Agriculture
Agricultural maps and data for the whole of the USA.. This site presents the U.S Department of Agriculture 1992 Report, packed full of statistics about North American agriculture. There are data about farms, products, incomes, farm expenditure, types and quantities of chemicals used, equipment, irrigation and a plethora of additional subjects. This is the site to visit for statistical information about farming in the USA.

* Atlas of the World

* Balkans Regional Atlas
Comprehensive maps provided by the CIA. You can select a highlighted country name from the topographical map or search using text instead. A useful atlas for this part of the world.

* Bodleian Map Library, Oxford
The Bodleian Library website offers links to map information, access to their own image gallery of maps and help for new visitors. A very informative and helpful site.

* Borchert Map Library
The Borchert Map Library offers a selection of online map rooms, links to other map resources, information on the history of cartography and some general details about the library.

* Cartographic Curiosities
A small collection of scanned images of some of the more unusual and imaginative maps held in the Yale Map Collection. There are also textual descriptions of a number of maps which cannot be viewed.

* Colour Landforms Atlas of the United States
Select a State from the opening menu to see a page of links to relevant maps. The links are divided into maps on the host site, and links to other map and information sites about the State you selected.

* Country Map Web Sites
A large alphabetical list of links to web sites containing country maps, maintained by the University of Texas at Austin. This is a good location from which to begin a search for maps related to a specific country or region. A useful school resource.

* Country Maps
This site displays a simple search form from which you choose the country required, the types of features you want to have included in the map, and whether you want a normal or enlarged map. When you submit the form, the server produces a map specifically for you. It may take a few minutes to create your map if you select all the options.

* DeLorme's CyberAtlas: USA
Enter the place name, State or zip code of a place in the USA and you will be shown a reasonably quality map with the major points of interest and some information about the area. The site is very simple to use and could be accessed by younger children with only a basic understanding of forms.

* Earthrise Maps
Political, Topographical maps and Satellite Images of the world. Sadly, this site is let down by its dependence on graphics and the lack of text. For people accessing it with images turned off, or using a text only browser, the site is impossible to navigate. Likewise, visually challenged students who use a 'text to speech' facility will have no idea what is happening.

* Electronic Map Library
The Electronic Map Library includes a series of atlases currently being produced by individual authors or project groups. The majority of these volumes are being frequently enlarged and modified in response to the changing instructional needs of the Department of Geography at California State University.
There is an online demographic data atlas for the Californian metropolitan areas, New York, Boston, and the U.S.A in general. The maps are full of information and are easy to read and understand.

* Encyberpedia's Maps
14 categories of maps from which to choose, all now provided by Streetmap Com.

* Expedia Maps
Maps for addresses, driving routes and locations, all created quite easily and free for use on your own web sites. The main page presents you with clear options, you give the required details and it makes you a copyright free map.

* GLOBIS FRW Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University
The faculty's map library was founded in 1908 and has since then grown to a collection which consists of 120,000 single maps and 3.500 atlases. The main task of the map collection is to support the faculty's teaching and research activities. The library also serves as a general reference for the public. Although much of their material is not yet online, they intend to have their entire catalogue available eventually. The site currently provides some useful information and if you are interested in maps of the Netherlands, its a website worth visiting.

* Great Globe Gallery
The Great Globe Gallery offers hundreds of images of maps and globes for use on your own websites or in your projects. The images can be easily selected from the main page.

* Harvard Map Collection's Home Page

* Native Indian Lands in the USA
Two maps showing the lands occupied by the different Indian tribal groups in the USA.

* Internet Map Resources
Links to a variety of maps and assorted map related information. There are guides to map skills, dictionaries, gazetteers and a good selection of electronic maps, atlases and links to map libraries.

* Make Quick Map
Choose from the U.S.A, Europe or the rest of the world by entering an address, clicking on the map, or choosing a country from the menu. The site will then produce a map, the scale of which can be altered using a zoom facility.

* Map Gallery
The Department of Transportation within the USA government has set up a collection of infrastructure and travel maps that can be viewed and downloaded from this site. The maps only cover the USA.

* Map Zone
A very easy to use site for finding maps of almost every country in the world. Follow the maps through from continents to individual countries, ending up with a country map and accompanying basic details such as capital city, size, topography, etc.

* Maps of the United States

* Maps on the Net
Over 800 links to map sites

* Maps on vehicle registration plates
An unusual place to find maps, but interesting

* Miscellaneous maps of the USA (University of Arkansas)

* National Atlas of the United States
This is an interactive map of the USA provided by the USGS. You can select different layers to the map and also make use of a zoom feature to examine areas in greater detail.

* National Geographic Map Machine

* National Geographic Resources
This website is part of National Geographic. You may view maps of countries or water areas of interest. The maps can be expanded to show greater detail. Other information relating to each map is also available, including descriptions of national and state flags, natural resources, population and trade data.

* National Maps
This site is produced by the USA Environmental Protection Agency. Most of the maps are concerned with environmental issues, land use and population. There are also maps showing locations of military bases etc.

* Night Lights of the World
These images show the continents as they might look in the dark or at night. By matching the number of lights to the population densities the maps produce an interesting way of seeing the major population centres.

* Oxford Map Room Home Page

* Osher Map Library

* Panoramic Maps Collection

* Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Hundreds of scanned maps can be viewed, covering numerous countries, with a number of specialized USA maps as well. Searching is via an alphabetical list of names.

* Physical Maps
National Geographical maps of the physical features of the world, both land and sea. Although there are many maps, they are not labelled and don't have accompanying texts so unless you know what you are looking at, you might have a few problems interpreting the maps images.

* Political Maps
Political maps of each continent, provided by the National Geographic Society.

* Rare Map Collection
Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscripts Library at the University of Georgia. This houses roughly 800 historical maps from the last 500 years

* Relief Map of the World
This is a single map in the gif file format, showing the major physical features of the planet such as mountain ranges, ocean ridges, and coastlines.

* Services: Map Library

* Shaded Relief.Com
An interactive shaded relief map of the world, with zoom, scroll and options to overlay satellite images. A good way to explore the world using an interactive atlas.

* The BnF : maps and Plans

* The Ryhiner Project

* This Dynamic Planet
This is a world map with a high degree of detail but it has two major drawbacks. Firstly it is a Adobe Acrobat pdf file and consequently takes up much more space than a straight image file, and secondly it takes ages to download. The actual file is a massive 3.5MB! Not suited for school use during a 'logging on' lesson, but possibly something to be downloaded by staff with an ISDN line.

* Tiger Map Server
Create your own maps of almost any location using the databases stored here. You can use census data, zip/postal codes etc and all the maps you produce are in the public domain, so you can re-publish them on your web site etc.

* Topographical maps
Info about them, and example maps

* University of California, San Diego

* University of Georgia Map Collection

* University of Texas Map Collection

* United States Maps
From the USGS

* US Maps Collections
Two very useful collections of online reference maps and Landsat images. The first is a collection of 250 U.S. state maps which include a raised relief map, elevation map, rivers map, political map and roads/cities map. These link to state and city satellite images, waterfalls map, state high points map and more. Also links to extra maps including teh locations of meteorite impacts.

* USGS Digital Line Graph Data Browser
Custom maps of any USA state

* USGS National Geological Map Catalog
Geological map database for the USA

* USA Topographic Map
This is a single a black and white image showing the topography of the USA.

* View From Above
This National Geographic Society has taken satellite images of the Earth, overlaid national boundaries and place names, and produced some quite remarkable maps.

* Xerox Map Server
Customized map of the World

* Yale Map Collection

* Your State's Topography : USA
The National Geophysical Data Center has produced this site. You select a conterminous state of the USA and are shown a brightly coloured topographical map of the chosen area.

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