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These links have been carefully selected and were considered relevant and suitable for school use at the time of checking. Clicking on them will take you to other web sites over which we have no control. If you have any doubts or concerns please check what is at the other end before using them in lessons. If you find any broken, re-directed or dead links please let us know.

  • * Amazon Adventure
    The Amazon Basin is one of the most diverse habitats in the entire world. It contains enormous rivers, uncharted jungles, and a huge variety of plants and animals. Amazon Adventure explores many of the facets of the Amazon through an interesting combination of facts, pictures and informative text. Much of the work has been submitted by school students, then checked and edited by professionals. You can even become involved in the ongoing project. A very useful site for schools of all age ranges.

    * America's 20 Most Endangered Rivers of 1998
    American Rivers identifies America's 20 Most Endangered Rivers, the imminent and serious threats they face, and the steps we must take to protect and restore them. There is information on the causes of pollution, maps to show the location of the rivers, and explanations of why we need to keep our rivers clean and unpolluted.

    * Explaining the Environment
    Many topics are covered here, but their Water Quality pages provide information about the importance of water, forms of pollution, ways to monitor pollution, the hydrosphere and the Water Cycle.

    * FEWS: Drought and Famine in Africa
    Drought and Famine in Africa is the subject of this site. It is a brief overview of what happens when rainfall and rivers fail. Suited to younger students because of its clear and uncomplicated writing, the site is also useful as an introduction to the concept of drought.

    * Fieldwork with Rivers
    These pages explain how to conduct fieldwork on rivers. The tasks , such as meander cross-sections and measuring velocity are designed to be within the abilities of 14 year old students and above. Full techniques, methods and calculations are shown making the pages almost a complete guide to the fieldwork experiments. Scroll down the Contents Table to the Fieldwork And Fieldwork Skills section, then select the rivers topic you want. A very good school site.

    * Locate Your Watershed
    If you live in the USA you can use these pages to locate your own watershed, find it on a range of maps, discuss aspects of your watershed's environmental protection with others, and read the latest information about watershed related issues.

    * Nile River
    This is a single page of text giving a brief description of the River Nile from its sources to the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean Sea. It is written clearly and would be suitable for most age ranges with a basic understanding of geography.

    * Revision Vocabulary for Rivers : GCSE Level
    A glossary of the geographical terms that a student should know and understand when entering the 16+ GCSE examination in England and Wales. If you are entering the exam and don't know all these words, then you haven't fully mastered the curriculum content .Scroll down the Contents Table to the Revision Vocabulary section, then select the rivers topic you want. A very good school site.

    * Rising Waters - Lands Against The Sea
    There are short passages explaining why various parts of the world are at risk from rising sea levels, something that many scientists expect to happen if global warming continues. Did you know that the 1190 Maldive Islands rarely rise more than 6 feet above sea level ?

    * River Systems of the World
    Statistics for the world's major rivers presented as a table that gives the names and vital statistics such as length, discharge, location and drainage area. There is also a useful section on why rivers are useful to civilisation; if you are studying settlement location this section will provide some good starting points for further thought and discussion.

    * The River Ribble
    A very interesting guide to this British river. Created by a teacher for use in school, the site follows the river from it's source to the sea. The text and images were created for use in the Rivers theme in Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum (England and Wales). Larger copies of the images used are also available from the site author.

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