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Tornadoes and Hurricanes

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  • * Current Storms
    Storms throughout the world...NOW. Information and location details for the World's more violent weather... as it happens.

    * Fema (USA Government)
    Tornadoes. A good resource site for school projects, produced by the American Emergency Services. This is a brief emergency advice sheet covering interesting facts about tornadoes, and ways to make your community more aware of Tornadoes and their dangers. Good background data for schools.

    * Fema (USA Government)
    When a tornado is coming, you have only a short amount of time to make life-or-death decisions. Advance planning and quick response are the keys to surviving a tornado. This site offers suitable information and advice. If you want an example of how people in Tornado areas have to approach this natural hazard, then this site is an excellent resource.

    * Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity
    How is a tornado measured? How can you quantify a swirling mass of air and debris? This is the site that will answer such questions.

    * Hurricane Safety Tips
    How to get ready for a hurricane and survive it. This is a site designed to offer practical advice to people who live in areas where hurricanes can be expected.

    * National Severe Storms Lab
    A major USA research centre into storms and violent weather, the NSSL is an internationally known research centre. Their site contains research topics, weather information and interesting FAQ's.

    * NOAA National Hurricane Center
    Current tropical storms are tracked by NOAA. This site will give you basic details such as the location and track of current tropical storms. Using this site you can build up case studies of individual severe weather events as they progress.

    * Storm Chasing in Minnesota, USA
    Pictures and stories about storms in the Minnesota area of the USA.

    * S.W.I.R.L
    Become a Tornado chaser! All you need to know to become an official storm chaser. There is information about tornadoes, safety in storms, and a storm chaser's guide among other topics. A good site for school use.

    * Tornado "Hands On"
    Tornado ideas for the classroom, including how to make models of a tornado.

    * Tornado and Storm Research Organisation
    The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation pages are a fascinating mix of pictures, clear information about the worst of British weather, and more advanced scientific research data. Information from their site may be freely used for personal and educational use, and if you are working on severe weather topics you will find their site to be an invaluable resource.

    * USA Today
    All sorts of info about tornadoes, where they appear, why they happen, and what they can do. A good site for schools and general research.

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