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My Earthquake Experiences

By Marianne Boszik

There is never any warning. The ground shakes like a large truck is going by, but there isn't any street. The house groans and rocks. The walls shiver and roll. When the earthquake is happening, it seems like time stops. You hold your breath and count. Your mind numbs as seconds become interminable.

If you are trapped in a room, you look for someplace may have time to get there. It is often over before you know it. The lamp swings and the pictures shift their moorings. The cans tip on their sides, and some may jiggle and fall off the edge.

As the earthquake ends, you can breath again, and time resumes. Suddenly, the spill is spreading across the floor, the dust sifts down after its disturbance. You asses the damage, clean it up, and watch, and wait. You know the aftershocks will come, but you don't know when or how hard. When they come, you hold your breath again...

Mostly, you live your life and don't dwell on the instabilities of the land. Life is too uncertain to worry about how you will die. I'm sure there are worse ways, and natural disasters happen anywhere. So you enjoy the sun and wind and watch the quiet earth, as time rolls on in earthquake country.

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