Antarctic Cruises


Taking an Antarctic Cruise is increasingly popular

People around the world are now making use of more leisure time and better transport systems to take holidays in exotic and previously unreachable destinations. One such location is Antarctica.

With thousands of miles of unspoiled coastline, spectacular glacial landscapes, ice sheets, bergs and wildlife unique to the colder corners of the planet, Antarctica offers adventurous tourists an opportunity to take an antarctic cruise and go where, traditionally, only explorers and scientists went.



And going far south doesn't mean suffering extreme cold and eating dry, unappetising rations any more. Antarctic cruises on modern ships touring the region are as comfortable and well appointed as any tour ship, with excellent food, warm and pleasant accommodation and experienced guides to help you make the most of the sights and sounds.

Tourism in the more remote regions has always attracted a degree of concern from environmentalists. This has been justified in some cases, arguing that antarctic tours and cruises add pollution to the seas and disturb wildlife. However, modern antarctic tour operators, with an awareness of the importance of Antarctica, keep disruption to the eco-system to a minimum and often a percentage of their profits is channeled back into the protection of the region.




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