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Prayer Flags are a common sight around any Buddhist temple. As well as being of religious significance they are also stunningly beautiful. Learn more about them on our Prayer Flag page. The French just had an election and voted in a man who has promised to change French culture. We talk about French culture and British culture being very different, but what does being British actually mean to us? Find out more
Many people have suggested it, so we now have our own Internet Search engine with an emphasis on geography, earth sciences and education.Try it out - it's at the top right of this page. Or to just search through this site, use the Site Index box on the left instead. The summer exams may seem a distant worry, but NOW is the time to start your revision! Get some great hints and tips from our Revision Guide, and don't forget to get some good revision guides and books and make your revision as painless as possible
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The Geography Site now hosts two geographical blogs - Geography Blog and Geography Images. The blogs features a mix of teaching ideas, comment on geography issues and updates to the site. To subscribe click the RSS button, or read it online.


Photographs are a valuable resource for geographers, but finding suitable, affordable images can be a challenge. To help you, we've set up our own image gallery with almost 1000 free to use images with geographical themes. Great for lessons, homework, displays and projects!

permafrostGlobal warming and the melting of vast areas of Siberian permafrost has been in the news recently. Read more about the problem ... African road and vehiclesCitizenship and Geography have a lot in common, and provide excellent leads into each other. Get some suggestions for cross-curricular lessons from the Topical Citizenship pages
Earth from spaceThere are between 193 and 260(ish) countries in the world, depending on who you ask, and how you define a country. Learn how a country is defined, why we don't know how many countries there are, and see how we come to a decision on how many there really are. More... a glacial landscapeGlobal warming is in the news yet again, with reports of glaciers melting in both the Alps and at the Poles. Read about glaciation, glaciers and climate change and how scientists can use glaciers to learn about past climates, then pick up a few weird glacier facts
a footballThe World Cup is over now, but did you ever wonder how they decided which teams were allowed to enter? How does a team enter the World Cup? Does it have to represent an independent country, and why do England, Scotland and Wales all have teams rather than there being a UK team? Find out here ... the geography joke ratLighten up your geography lessons, or just have some fun with a great collection of geography jokes. Have you heard the one about the bacon tree in the desert?
picture of an equasionFieldwork often requires a bit of maths,both when you are out there and again when you do the write up. If you need a hand with chi squared, spearman rank or designing a questionnaire check out our guide to physical fieldwork techniques and geographical statistics picture of books Where would we be without a good collection of geography books? Whether it's for course work, revision, homework or simply sitting down with a good read, take a browse around the geography bookshop . If you have an interest in Uganda our sister site has a wonderful collection of books related to Africa at
picture of volcanoMt St Helens volcano, in the Cascade Mountain Range, USA, is showing signs of activity again and scientists are deciding whether it's likely to erupt the way it did back in 1980. The 1980 disaster makes a great GCSE case study, so read all about it and discover why the May 1980 eruption grabbed news headlines around the world. atlantic mapWith over two hundred pages giving you the facts and figures for almost every country and territory in the world, you can now use the geography site to research countries, compare statistics and even get the background info before you go on holiday. Check out the new World Fact Book
earthquake damageThe impact of an earthquake varies according to when and where it strikes. Factors such as the time of day and location play important roles in determining whether an earth quake in Japan or India kills a population of thousands in a city or just topples a few trees. Discover what factors control the impact of major earthquakes African hutsWe've just added pages of pictures of Uganda to the image gallery. Uganda is a good case study for LEDC's, travel and tourism, citizenship issues, and a stunning country in it's own right with fascinating towns, cities, rivers (the Nile) , cultural and environmental issues. Browse the new photographs and enjoy a virtual holiday in the sunshine, or check out the other images at the brand new image gallery


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