What is the photographer trying to make you think?

The media, such as newspapers, maqazines, adverts, holiday brochures and campaign materials all try to tell you something. It may be quite biased (in favour of a particular view) or neutral (trying to give just the balanced facts).

These photographs were taken in an African country and were selected to show the country in two different ways. Can you decide which images were intended to show the country in a positive way, and which were intended to show it in a negative way? Some may seem quite obvious, but how you categorise others will depend on how much you already know, what you think about Africa, tourism, and development.

Try to work out the message behind each image, and suggest whether it could be used in a positive, negative or neutral way by the media.

For more photographs and a short lesson to go with them, try this activity, Nepal as a Tourist Destination.

Images to make you think



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February 20, 2008